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Wicher CD32 is the Amiga CD32-compatible memory card providing up to 11.5 MB FAST RAM (via 16-128 MB SIMM72 modules) and IDE 2,5” hard drive support. It includes ClockPort connector allowing further expansion with additional peripheral devices.

Our newest product has been developed for gamers looking for a basic FAST RAM memory expansion capabilities coupled with an IDE hard drive controller.



  • Amiga CD32-compatible,
  • RAM characteristics: SIMM72 module (FPM/EDO) 1-8MB or 16-128MB, 50/60ns (SIMM72 memory module sold separately),
  • AmigaOS support for up to 11.5 MB FAST RAM,
  • MAPROM function support for 16-128 SIMM72 modules
  • Amiga 600-compatible IDE controller,
  • ClockPort connector for additional peripherals,


RetroAmi edition


First edition (limited)



User manual:


Software: WicherCD32_Installer_v1.1,  




  • Alinea Computer - Amiga Shop
  • Shipping: Germany, Europe

  • Ireland

  • Sordan - Sordan Electronics
  • Shipping: Ireland, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North-America, South-America

  • Poland

  • F. H. U. EDEN Komputery - RetroAmi
  • Shipping: Poland, Europe

  • Spain

  • ASB Computer - AMIGAstore
  • Shipping: Spain, Europe